Our Transactional Services for Businesses and Investors

Contract/Lease Drafting, Review and Negotiation

Contract law is a robust mechanism for arranging risks and benefits for almost every type of issue that can and does arise. We can help.

Powers of Attorney

Sometimes it is necessary to authorize others to act on your behalf, or to act on behalf of others; many third parties accept powers of attorney to accomplish such activities. We can help.

Real Estate Transfers

Numerous instances arise in which parties seek to transfer real estate between one another. We can help.

Business Formation

Starting a business can provide the opportunity to earn significant income and to pursue one’s passions; but starting off on the wrong foot can doom a new enterprise from the outset. We can help.

L-1/EB-1C Immigration

Business immigration allows US businesses to find foreign talent and investment while allowing foreign investors to find new opportunities in the US to both live and grow their own businesses. We can help.

Sales and Transfers of Business Interests

The purchase and sale of a business is an exciting opportunity; however, the details necessary to protect the parties can be complex. We can help.