Business Organization and Business and Real Estate Purchase, Sale and Development

Business Organization, Operation, Sale and Owner Advice

There are many choices to be made when a business is organized and operated such as:

  • What kind of business do you want– a corporation (and, if so, what kind, e.g. a Chapter C or Chapter S corporation), a limited liability company, a joint venture, a partnership (and, if so, what kind, a general or limited partnership or a partnership of individuals or of business entities), or a sole proprietorship.
  • What documents are necessary, and should they be filed with the Florida Secretary of State.
  • What kind of agreements for the business owners – e.g. shareholder, member, partnership, buy-sell or ownership purchase agreements.
  • What kind of protections for your business assets – e.g. through a lease or purchase of them, by trademarking or copyrighting a name, logo, design or written content of documents important to the business or patenting a process or device.
  • What kind of contracts should you have – e.g. with employees, independent contractors, distributors, manufacturers, sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants.
  • What federal, state and local government laws and regulations impact the business.
  • Should we merge the business with another business or sell asset and, if so, how do we go about it.

There are many choices to be made when you and/or the other persons involved wants out of the business such as:

  • What kind of agreements are necessary – e.g. shareholder, member or partnership buy out agreements.
  • Should the organization be dissolved, or should it continue?
  • How is change of ownership or dissolution reported to the Florida Secretary of State.
  • What kind of protections are important.

You understand your business; we understand the laws affecting it. While we do not act as general counsel for businesses unless special arrangements are made, we can answer your questions and can assist businesses with matters from start up through complicated transactions and dispute resolution. We handle formation of corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures or partnerships. We assist with negotiating and drafting agreements and in helping you determine what protections you should have. And we assist with resolving disputes through use of negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

Permitting, Construction, and Preparation of Subdivisions and Planned Unit Developments

If you are looking to get your real estate development off the ground, let us assist. From due diligence and purchase, to planning, and through plotting, construction and sale, let us assist you bring your project to fruition.

Investment Properties

The purpose of purchasing an investment property is for investors to derive a return on their investment. This may occur where the investor has decided to improve property, make the property available for rent, in order to continue to garner constant rental income, or where the investor has plans of future resale of the property.  We can assist with due diligence prior to investment, to negotiating and drafting agreements and in helping you determine what protections you should have.

Purchase and Sale of Business

Whether you only need a purchase and sale agreement, or need assistance with the range of due diligence matters, such as investigation of buyers and sellers, forensic accounting, and site visits, or with asset protection, or securitizing a sale, we can assist you complete your transaction with confidence..

EB-5 Project Financing

Use foreign funding to build your business. The Immigrant Investor Program, also known as the EB-5 program, was introduced by Congress in 1990 as a system to aid the stimulation of United States economy by creating additional job opportunities and capital investment by foreign nationals. In exchange for foreign investment, the United States provides the foreign investors with U.S. green cards. This program also allows for entrepreneurs and their immediate family (spouses and unmarried children under 21) to become eligible to apply for a green card (legal permanent residence) if they make the necessary investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States, and eventually create or preserve 10 permanent full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers.

Home and Commercial Property Purchases, Sales and Leasing

Care must be taken when buying, selling or leasing property.  Contracts with real estate agents and sellers must be carefully reviewed to be certain that they adequately protect you and that they say what you intend them to say.   Leases with landlords and tenants must also be carefully reviewed to be certain that they adequately say what you intended them to say.   Florida statutes may affect the meaning of contracts for the purchase and lease of property in Florida.  Need help or advice regarding the purchase, sale or lease of a home or commercial property, or in closing a sale or purchase? Let us help you.