Physical Injury, Torts and Frauds, Malpractice and Automobile Collisions

Physical injuries to and other unlawful conduct against you or a family member and damages to your property or pets can turn your world upside down. They can be caused by another’s negligent or intentional acts – such things as, but not only, automobile accidents, animal bites and damages, physical or emotional injury from assault or battery, failure to provide a safe place to live, work or enjoy life, destruction to or loss of your property or pets, sexual assault and malpractice.  When someone causes you or your family injury, or damages  your property, we will act zealously to protect your rights.  Some of the ways you or a loved one can be injured or your property damaged are:

Car Accidents

When another driver causes you or your family injury, or damages your vehicle or other property, we can help ensure that your rights are protected and your financial future is intact.

Animal Attacks

Animals are required to be kept so that they do not injure persons or pets or damage another’s property.  Persons who own dangerous animals must be particularly vigilant. If you have been injured by an animal, we would be happy to talk to you and help you through any litigation which may be necessary to protect your rights and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Slip and Fall

You or a loved one may be injured by others who do not keep their property in a reasonably safe condition.  Slip and falls are common, and sometimes the presence of persons or dangerous instrumentalities which are dangerous to the safety of those who have the right to be on someone else’s property can cause injury or damage.  When injured by careless actions on another’s property or in another’s business, you may have the right to recover damages.  Let us assist you recover financially, so that you can focus on recovering physically.  Don’t let a permanent injury destroy your life and your financial future and don’t let a temporary injury cause you to pay for injuries or damages that you did not cause. We will represent you throughout the legal process.

Fights/Assault and Battery

No one should be threatened or physically attacked by another.  Unwelcome contact by another, whether at work, play, home, school or elsewhere, can leave you physically and emotionally broken.  If someone has hurt or threatened you or a family member, or wrongfully claims that they were hurt or threatened by you or someone you love, call us.  We can advise you respecting your right to recover for your injuries; we can assist you if you need a judge or jury to decide who was responsible.


Unfortunately, it is all too common for persons who are trusted or who enter into written documents designed to accomplish a particular purpose to misrepresent or conceal the truth when there is a duty to be candid. Sometimes the misrepresentations are intentional, called fraud; sometimes they are negligent due to a failed duty to find out and then communicate the truth.  Fraud or negligent misrepresentation can cause money to be paid which may be lost by even the most cautious individuals.    

Misrepresentations may occur in almost any business or personal contract context and may occur where there is a failure to provide information required by law, such as the condition of a residence at the time of a sale, or by affirmatively providing false information about a real estate transaction or promised employment.


Malpractice comes in many forms.  Such persons as doctors, engineers, architects, building contractors and even lawyers may violate the standards under which they are required to practice their professions.  Professionals have very particular guidelines by which they are to do their work.  Malpractice can leave you injured, sometimes permanently, and can damage your property, requiring money to be spent to fix a problem which would not be the case had work been done correctly the first time.  It often takes specialized knowledge respecting whether malpractice occurred.  If you need to talk to us about an injury or damage from the malpractice of others, we are available.

Work Injuries

Injuries happen. When they happen on the job, your employer or a third party may be responsible for helping you recover from those injuries. The facts surrounding what happened at work and by whom require careful analysis to determine who is at fault and if there is a basis for filing a case on your behalf.